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Arachnophobia cover.jpg


How many spiders can a human body contain?

When a small earthquake hits a cave near the town of Rock Creek, only one person leaves the underground alive. Desperate, she seeks help in the forested rural area, trying to warn the first people she runs into, but nobody heeds her words.

Nobody believes in spiders feeding on an entire group of strong, healthy young men and women.

And when night falls, the spiders exit the cavern, and creep upon the unsuspecting town.

The first warnings come—strange noises coming from inside the walls, movement in the shadows, an increase in spider sightings—and subtle, itchy bites.

By the time the good people of Rock Creek realize it’s not an ordinary spider infestation they’re facing, they’re on the brink of being overrun. Anyone could become the next victim.

The whole town is going to become the next victim, unless they find a way to stop the spiders.

But how does one stop thousands of small hungry creatures...with the big ones lurking in the dark?

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