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A writers retreat gone wrong.

Now they’re stranded.

And someone wants them to stay that way.

When a group of strangers meet for a writers retreat on a cruise, at first all seems well. They connect with like-minded individuals – fellow novelists – and recently divorced Erin feels that it’s like a dream come true. After an ugly divorce from an unsupportive husband, she will finally get a chance to heal and write her book.

But when a storm forces their ship on a detour, everything changes. A bad decision leaves seven writers stranded on a deserted island … and things only get worse from there.

While they wait for rescue, they run out of food and water all too fast, and no matter how hard they try, something always seems to go wrong. Suspiciously wrong. As if someone doesn’t want them to leave the island. Not alive, anyway.

And among the increasingly hungry strangers … it could be anyone.

Erin isn't sure who to trust but she's desperate to find a way home before someone dies—before they all die.

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