Music is a big part of writing for many authors, myself included. It helps me get my head in the right "zone," and especially with everyone at home needing me 24/7, it helps me to not hear what's going on with everyone else when I need to work.

My favorite music is Rock. A lot of what I listen to is high octane, pedal to the metal. BUT, occasionally I do go to the opposite end of the spectrum and listen to nothing but nature sounds. (I do this quite often, actually). Sometimes, I just put on my noise cancelling ear buds and listen to nothing at all except for my own breathing.

I also enjoy other genres of music, including the occasional country song, rap, R&B, classical, a little bit of everything pretty much. I'm not picky with my music, I do enjoy a lot of different types, but my favorite is definitely Rock. 

Most importantly, there are certain songs that I might like, but aren't my jam for writing. I share a Spotify playlist below, of songs that I like to listen to while writing. Sometimes I skip around, sometimes I'll play a Metallica song on repeat for 20 times. It all depends on my mood and what I'm writing, as I'm sure you've heard authors say a million times :)

For those who have Sirius XM, my favorite channels are Turbo and Turbo Party.

Many of the nature sounds I listen to are from an album I downloaded from iTunes - Pro Sound Effects Library - 210 Nature Sounds

My Spotify playlist is below and I'm continually adding new songs. Enjoy!