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This is a shorter book (novella) -- about a third the length of a regular novel.

His wait is finally over.

And he’s coming for her.

Five long years after being sent to prison, Mitch is finally free. His time has come, and he’s got two things on his mind: to find Raven, and to get revenge for having his life and his freedom ripped from him.

But not to hurt Raven. Oh, no. He loves her and wants nothing more than for them to be what they should’ve been already: a happy family. If only he could make her understand that he’s always looked out for her best interests.

When Raven bumps into Mitch, she knows it’s not a chance encounter. She knows him all too well. She knows what he wants, and that he’ll stop at nothing to get it—even murder if necessary.

Mitch won’t take no for an answer. But Raven is willing to do anything it takes to stop him.

Content Warning ⚠️ 

This novella contains topics that some readers might find disturbing. Please click here to see them.

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