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Left to You by Daniel J. Volpe


What an awesome read! I loved how there were two stories within one book and the way the author tied them together into something so tragic, horrifying, ironic, and captivating! This book left me angry at some of the decisions certain characters made but also asking myself what I would've done if I was in the MC's shoes, and I think that's the best kind of book--one that makes you think that way! It also left me SO glad that I don't have a basement and live where there aren't any!

Here's the blurb:

What would you do to save a loved one?

Robert’s mother, Helen, is ravaged with cancer. Every day could be her last, and Robert dreads losing

the last member of his family. Robert’s friend and Holocaust survivor, Josef, tells him an unholy story

and leaves him a way to save his dying mother. But, as with everything in life, the salvation comes with a

steep price.

Will Robert accept what’s left to him and save his mother? Or will the cost be too high, weighing

Robert’s soul down to the depths of Hell?

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