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On a Wicked Wind by Linda Winstead Jones


This was a bit of an older one, written in the late 90's, but also a good one to cleanse the palate. Time travel and pirates--what could go wrong? I liked that there was some spice but the whole book wasn't set around it and there was an actual plot. For fans of historical fiction, there were some minor details that might not sit well, but since it was time travel I think they can be forgiven. Overall, a good story.

Here's the blurb:

Hurled into the Caribbean and swept back in time, Sabrina Steele finds herself abruptly aroused in the arms of pirate captain Antonio Rafael de Zamora. There, on his tropical island, Rafael teaches her to rest the waves of passion and sail the seas of ecstasy. But the handsome rogue has a tortured past, and in order to consummate a love that has called her through time, the headstrong beauty seeks to uncover the pirate's true buried treasure--his heart.

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