• K. Lucas

Run As Fast As You Can

When I woke up, I didn’t know where I was. My eyes grew wide with horror when I saw that I was in a stranger’s house, laying on my back. I was on the kitchen floor with no clothes on. There were blood smears covering the linoleum. Human hands were piled in the corner. Terror gripped me, choking the breath from my lungs. Gagging from the stench, I began to sweat, but not just from fear. It was so hot inside that I felt like I was baking alive. I had no idea how I wound up here and was frantic to find a way out.

As I was getting up on wobbly legs, an old woman walked through the door. Her white hair was sticking up in all directions and she was hunched over. She wore an apron covered in what seemed to be dried blood. “You,” she sneered. “Where do you think you’re going?” When she showed her jagged yellow teeth, they had bits of meat stuck between them.

I couldn’t respond because I was paralyzed with fear. My heart raced with adrenaline. I had no idea who this woman was, and didn’t want to stay to find out. Without warning, I pushed past her to get out the door. Once outside, I ran. I looked over my shoulder, to see the old woman hobbling, trying to catch up with me. She cried, “Stop!” I yelled back, “Run as fast as you can old woman, you can’t catch me!”

I ran across the field, which bordered with a forest. The trees slowed me down some, but I kept running as fast as I could through them, until I came to a river. By now, I had to be at least a mile away. I was exhausted and still terrified. Ahead, there was a man at the bank of the river. He had a small campfire and a rowboat that was ashore. He looked up as I approached. Panting, I reached the river and prepared myself to swim to the other side. The man had been watching me. He said, “Can I help you across?” I hesitated, unsure if I should be so trusting.

Then there were voices. The old lady had followed me and there were others with her, still at the edge of the forest. Breathless, I said, “Thank you, Sir.” Together we put his boat into the water and climbed in. Once on the water, I yelled again to the old lady, “Run as fast as you can old woman, you can’t catch me!”

My eyes drifted from the old woman across to where the man’s campfire had been. We were still close enough for me to see that he’d been roasting something over the fire. I turned back toward the man who was no longer rowing. A slow grin began to spread across his face, showing me the same jagged yellow teeth as the old woman. He had bits of meat stuck between them.

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