• K. Lucas

The Anniversary Cottage

“A cottage?” Frank asked, a little dismayed.

“Oh, Frank, it’ll be so peaceful!” Cindy cried. “Just think, all alone in the woods, and they even have a little garden and supplies for us to bake our own bread.” She was delighted with the idea of a romantic getaway to celebrate their anniversary.

“I dunno. That doesn’t sound exactly fun, Cindy.”

“It’s not supposed to be fun, silly. It’s supposed to be relaxing and simple.

“Simple, huh?” Frank didn’t like the sound. There probably wouldn’t be much of a cell signal and he didn’t want to be bored.

“That’s right. And besides,” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, “there’ll be plenty of fun in the bedroom.”

Frank smiled and Cindy knew she’d hooked him.

A month later, the couple arrived at the tiny one bedroom cottage, which seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. When Cindy climbed out of the car she gasped. “Frank! Look at those shutters.” Before Frank could respond, she cried out again. “Oh, those wildflowers!” Cindy pulled Frank inside, unable to resist investigating further. She turned to him with bright eyes. “It’s so charming and cozy!”

“Uh huh,” Frank agreed, not really caring. He glanced at his phone to confirm that indeed, there was no reception. Frank sighed in resignation.

That night, Frank woke up with a pillow over his face and his arms tied to the headboard. The feeling of being suffocated surprised and terrified him. He fought against the restraints, pulling with all his might. The rope strained as he yanked, but stayed tied. Cindy pressed down on him with her whole body, sitting on his head. Frank tried to turn, to get out from under her but it was a losing battle. He yelled through the pillow and the more he struggled, the broader Cindy’s smile grew. “Oh, Frank,” she said. “I just knew this cottage was perfect for us.”

When Frank was finally dead, Cindy drug his body out to the garden, where a grave was already prepared. She pushed Frank into the ten foot deep hole. It was only three feet wide so when she looked down at him, it looked like he was standing up. Satisfied, Cindy filled in the hole with dirt then carefully planted some flowers on top. The flowers had been sitting in starter pots, waiting for this moment. Smiling to herself, she went back inside to clean up and go back to bed.

Cindy spent the rest of her trip tending the garden, reading, and making her own bread. With the sound of the birds chirping all around, she thought she might be in heaven. Cindy was more relaxed now, than she could remember being in years. She felt free. Before she went home, she pulled up the website titled Anniversary Cottage, to leave a five star review. She typed,“Excellent service. Everything was prepared for me as advertised. The hole was nice and deep. Very accommodating. Would stay here again, if ever needed.”

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