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Grief, lies, and murder. What happens when secrets, deceit, and depravity converge in a small town?

Still reeling from a devastating loss, Paisley and her husband hope a fresh start in a new state will help them heal. Moving from the crowded city of San Francisco to a rural community in the woods of Washington is supposed to give them room to breathe and a place to rebuild their lives. Instead, it leaves Paisley struggling with loneliness and isolation.

The longer they stay, the more troubling this new chapter becomes. Their neighbors are anything but welcoming- harassing Paisley on a near constant basis. She’s at her wit’s end when there’s news of women being brutally murdered in the area.

As the body count rises, Paisley discovers the town that was supposed to bring them solace isn’t what it seems, and the secrets she and her husband are keeping could cost them everything.

Content Warning ⚠️ 

This novel contains themes that some readers might find disturbing. Please click here to see them.

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